See You Sunday is an essentials clothing brand rooted in simplicity and nature.

Designed in the Catskills, Made in NYC.

See You Sunday. That's what we'd say every week. We were four best friends who had only just met but after going out to dinner (and having more than a few drinks) one cold Sunday in November, we knew that we had found in each other something special. The next dinner was on a Sunday as well, so every week, as the wine glasses ran dry and not one more spoonful of salted caramel ice cream could be consumed, we got up from the table, hugged goodbye, and said, "well, I guess we'll see you Sunday."

Danielle and Ely, owners of The Hunter Greenhouse and no strangers to ambitious projects, and Lauren and Zac, career designers and consummate creative minds. We're all based in New York City but often look north for escape and inspiration.

During one of those Sunday dinners we came to the realization that there was a story in the Catskills that needed to be told. A story about home, about adventure, about friends and family and sitting outside in front of a rambling fire, listening to vinyl records and looking out at an undulating landscape waiting to be explored.

That first dinner, and all that followed, gave rise to the clothing and lifestyle brand See You Sunday. We're inspired by the Catskills but grounded in New York City. The clothing you'll find here celebrates that ideal. Crisp morning hikes to waterfalls and vistas, lazy afternoons lounging under the sun, records spinning, cold wine and long, candlelit dinners. The kind of clothing you can wear day to night, surrounded by everything and everyone you love.

See You Sunday is our version of the quiet life we want to lead. All that’s left is to get out there. All are welcome to join.

A note on our thoughtful approach

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.

At this time of year we're buying organic peaches and plums at the farmer's market and enjoying more than a few glasses of natural wine in the evening, so it only feels right that the fabrics we wear reflect that ideal. It took longer to find the right fabrics than anything else. But the organic cottons, pure linen, and salvaged deadstock are so soft, so comfortable, and so luxurious, that we could never consider anything else.

But the fabrics we use are only part of our story. To be sustainable, responsible, and thoughtful, we need to consider every step of our production, down to the eco-friendly packaging we ship every order in. Instead of going oversees for construction, we found a factory in New York City with the same values that we have. People that we could meet with and watch work. Not only does that save untold amounts of fuel and packaging, it also means that every step of the way we can (and do!) stop by and make sure the quality of every single piece is up to our standards.

We're only getting better. Sustainability isn't a destination to arrive at - it's a journey towards continuous improvement. We can always do more, learn more, and contribute more to our community. That's our message and promise to you. And this is only the beginning.