What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.

At this time of year we're buying organic peaches and plums at the farmer's market and enjoying more than a few glasses of natural wine in the evening, so it only feels right that the fabrics we wear reflect that ideal. It took longer to find the right fabrics than anything else. But the organic cottons, pure linen, and salvaged deadstock are so soft, so comfortable, and so luxurious, that we could never consider anything else.


A Summer Escape


The Hunter Greenhouse

Beautifully designed by two of our co-founders, this house physically embodies the See You Sunday lifestyle. Plants, nature, light, warmth, family and friends and togetherness. See You Sunday continues to take cues from The Hunter Greenhouse and the home they have opened up to the world. You'll find here exactly what you see there: thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and community. It's the SYS and THG way!